Audi TT Off-road Concept

Germans brought on car show in Beijing all road version of a coupe Audi TT. The car received Audi TT name off-road concept, five (!) doors and if to trust already to British, concrete prospects release of series the next three years. By then demand for Porsche Macan dies away a little, and Audi will be ready to show the compact premium-crossover on Audi Q3 chassis. On the Peking showroom debuted pre-series all road Audi TT. As well as previous concept Audi crossover, two door allroad shooting brake, this novelty received a hybrid engine. In power-plant structure enters petrol turbo engine of 293 horsepower’s and two electric motors. The first, 55-strong, helps a front axle, and the second (115-strong) is over the rear. Both electromotors eat from lithium-ion of batteries in capacity of 12 kilowatt-hours. The general kickback of a power-plant reaches 408 horsepower’s, and the twisting moment is equal in peak 650 Nanometers. Motors are connected to six-step S-Tronic auto-gear box, the weight of the car is distributed on shafts in the ratio 54:46 (more in front).

One of the most interesting features of Audi TT off-road concept is the system of wireless gymnastics of batteries. Except obvious possibility to recharge the car from a household network or the public socket connection, under the bottom the flat coil which provides wireless gymnastics of the car according to principles of an electromagnetic induction is located. The second coil can be built in in a parking space as soon as the car appears over such parking, the gymnastics begin automatically. Audis TT off-road concept set on 21-inch disks and equipped with the matrix headlights which premiere took place last year on Audi A8. The interior does not shock, especially if to remember new Audi TT and the last concept of the company. Instead of standard dashboard here are too the 12-inch display, and for music underneath answers system Bang&Olufsen with speakers in headrests of each sitting. The interior, despite all ecological compatibility of a crossover, is finished by soft Italian skin Poltrona Frau. Audi TT off-road concept became the first cars after Audi promised to expand a ruler of TT-models for the account of family and off-road cars. We wait in a series.

American super car ALESSI AR-1

Nowadays America becomes enviable any supplier of exotic cars. At States is Saleen S7, Mach7 Motorsport Falcon and Hennessey Venom GT. And nowadays to this list one more car – Alessi AR-1 increases. For the first time this car appears thirty three years ago at auto show in New York of 1979 then practically at once has been betrayed to oblivion. Among distinctive features of the car it is possible to note the fiber glass body strengthened by metal in “stressful” points. Besides it the car distinguishes presence of lateral mirrors with increase, tires with a sensor control and many other things that does super car type automobiles.

The engine Alessi AR-1 is the eight-cylinder V-engine from Corvette in volume of 6.2-liters and capacity of 600 h.p. However besides it Alessi intend to offer and the twin-turbo version of the motor, whose capacity makes 750 h.p.

BMW i8 night city driving video

It is necessary to remember a little that we know about sports to BMW i8. For a long time it is known that the car appears in manufacture, and after standard model there will be also version Spyder which at present takes place a stage concept. However till now all did not have not enough only one: video clips and the photos showing to a car in field conditions.

However resource Bimmersport published some rollers which have embodied this car. The first of them shows night driving in Miami, nearby to house court of command Miami Heat. The second video clip shows a car leaving of garage which, most likely, also is in Miami.

However the most interesting moment is that we can hear for the first time a sound of the petrol-electric hybrid engine, thanks to high quality of audio. Only here it is possible to hear “voice” turbo charged 1.3-liter motor which works with an electric motor in absolute harmony.

Ford GT tuned by Hennessey sets new records

Cars from tuning studio Hennessey differ that at times they can beat there is no time the set up records. The latest has been beaten by Ford GT Hennessey Twin-Turbo automobile.

On a mile piece of a line of Ford showed a new record of speed in 412 km/h. The first attempt to break this record has been undertaken last year, however Ford GT managed to reach only 380 km/h. In the first day of this year of a car caused a stir in the speed in 395 km/h, and in the second – the record has already been broken. Chief executive Hennessey Performance, John Hennessey, is assured that Ford GT is capable of much also this record for it – not a limit, hinting at new achievements in the future.

New video of Mercedes SL65 AMG

German motor-car manufacturer Mercedes is going to present one of the most impressing cars that ever it appeared in pavilions of the New York auto show. Model SL65 AMG does not cease to descend recently from headings of automobile news. It is known that the car receives six-liter 12 cylinder V-shaped twin-turbo engine, whose capacity to make 621 horsepowers. To this impressing engine seven-step transmission intends to make pair. All it should help a car with first “hundred” achievement in 3.9 seconds.

Couple of days ago in a world wide web there was a video clip on which model SL65 AMG which is driving about on desert is embodied. And as it was found out hardly later, it was the idea to remove a high-grade promo-roller which you can admire in this article.

Nissan Juke-R and Nissan GT-R on Track

Nissan Juke-R car, probably, is the most interesting car in the world. Freakish appearance, an aerodynamic package, and also Nissan GT-R engine do by its that. Moreover, by the existence Juke it is obliged to this sport car. However that will be if to push off face to face these two cars? Certainly, we will not disappoint all that heavier and less powerful Juke-R cannot compete with dynamical Nissan GT-R, but it is necessary to look at a roller which presents this improvised competition under rather interesting corner.

It is known that Nissan Juke-R is equipped with the eight-cylinder V-engine in volume of 3.8-litre and capacity of 480 horsepower’s. Acceleration time to “hundred” is made only 3.7 seconds, by the maximum speed – 270 km/h. In comparison with Nissan GT-R it solidly concedes in capacity as GT-R possesses 542 horsepower’s and acceleration time to “hundred” in 2.7 seconds.

Honda EV-STER in Showroom

In a mass production arrives not only presented in the Tokyo Showroom N Concept 4, but also conceptual electro mobile EV-STER, writes German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, referring to words of the main chief executive of Honda Takanobu Ito. It is informed that rear-drive roadster on batteries can already appear in showrooms next year. Together with it on the market there can be a version with the traditional gasoline engine. All other details are not disclosed yet.

Most likely, the petrol model will be presented by the hybrid system assembled from an internal combustion engine and the electric motor. In the conceptual form the 2-seater car in the size 3570мм (length) х 1500мм (width) х 1100 mm (height) and 2325мм (chassis) is equipped 10-kilovattnoj lithium-ion by the battery actuating a rear axle. As the manufacturer declares, EV-STER does one hundred for pure 5 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches a point of 160 km/h.

Three hours of a battery charging from the 200-volt power supply (6ch/100В) suffices to overcome distance in 160 km.

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Koenigsegg Agera R

The resource presented video which cannot be characterized as «beating of the baby». Thus “baby” is Ferrari 458 Italia with engine V8 developing 570 h.p. This car is capable to “shoot” from a place to 100 km/h for 3,4 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches to 320 km/h. But, it appears a little to resist to sport car Koenigsegg Agera R which has been presented earlier this year on a showroom in Geneva.

The Swedish sport car takes the second place in a rating “the fastest cars on a planet”. It has engine V8s capacity 1115 h.p., and is capable to be dispersed from a place to 100 km/h for 2,9 seconds. The maximum speed makes 418 km/h. Fight between two cars is unequal including at the price. Agera R costs $1600000 while Ferrari nearby $200 000.